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Welcome to the Jazz Chameleon!

This project started out as a a way for myself to give back to the online community. When learning guitar I often found answers to the questions I had on spaces much like this one, where people would share their knowledge openly and freely. In the same manner I started making these Jazz-oriented videos and lessons to help people who were having difficulty making their first steps in this genre, since I felt there was a lack of organised information on this specific subject.

As of late, though, The Jazz Chameleon is no longer all about Jazz:

Since it’s creation, the lesson content has expanded, and I am now planning on creating lessons not just for Jazz guitar but also ‘complete beginner’ lessons, and other non-genre specific tutorials.

Here, you will find lessons on Music Theory, Chords and their construction, chord Substitution (including the famous tritone substitution), chord changes, Scales and Modes, Arpeggios, Improvisation, Soloing and Comping ideas and techniques, Solo transcriptions and even transcriptions to Jazz standards with backing tracks so you can start playing today.

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Happy learning,