Jazz Standards

Jazz Standards Transcriptions/Chord changes/Backing tracks

I have always found that the internet, in all its glory, is not a very good source for finding accurate and free sheet music to Jazz standards. The best source is probably a good fake book, but not everyone has one available and I find it is always good to have computerized material anyway, in case you want to print/edit/transpose. So, I decided to start this page where I will try to make available as many transcriptions to standards as I can get my hands on and in different formats so that this will become, one day, a big reliable source for online Jazz sheet music.

Note: As I am having some trouble adding the melodies to some of these formats, files that do contain melodies will be indicated by an “m” in brackets. I will be paying more attention to the chord changes, though, since the melody is much easier to pick out by ear from a CD than the chords are. Also these files, lacking the melody lines, are excellent for use as backing tracks for studying/practicing.

Song Name Key Image PDF Band in a Box Guitar Pro
All the things you are Fm 1 (m) .pdf (m) Band in a Box (m)
Autumn Leaves Gm 1,2 (m) .pdf Band in a Box .gp5
Blue Bossa Cm 1 .pdf Band in a Box
Rose Room Ab 1 (m) .pdf (m) Band in a Box (m)
Satin Doll C 1 (m) .pdf Band in a Box
Someday my prince will come Bb 1 (m) .pdf (m) Band in a Box (m)
Summertime Dm 1 (m) .pdf (m) Band in a Box (m)
Take the A-Train C 1 (m) .pdf (m) Band in a Box (m)
Tune Up Em 1 .pdf Band in a Box

Note: If you have any quality transcriptions that you have made in any of the above formats, and want to submit it to this page, please email them to me at lambros@thejazzchameleon.com and I will check and add them, with credit given to you of course.